Exclusive Distributorships

Exclusive Distributorships

In the last few months since our incorporation, we have established good relationship with number of international companies and have taken exclusive distributorship in many products such as;

  • Alfa Basmati Rice
  • Win 2
  • Barista Coffee, Tea and Chocolate
  • Rita Fruit Drinks (natural)
  • Vega Canned tuna
  • Vega Condense milk
  • Vega Corn stick
  • Vega Baked Beans

We will continue to acquire dealerships in many more products in the near future including;

  • Dairy milk
  • Cooking oil and olive oil
  • Biscuits and chocolates

We are a reputed and professionally managed business entity with sound business ethics and prudence. We also offer reliable delivery, competitive pricing and favorable commitments accompanied by our young professionals having zeal and commitment to customer satisfaction and a pragmatic approach to marketing and distribution of food items and daily necessities within the Maldives.


Distribution outlets (shop)

We import products from highly dependable sources in different parts of the world like Turkey, Dubai, Singapore and Vietnam and have business relations with them since many years. Their products are sold to the domestic merchants and individual customers in time as per the customers’ requirements.

We have 2 shop in Boduthakurufaanu Magu, in front of the newly built north harbor, Male’. It is now one of the visited shops in the vicinity.The name of the shops are  Mudan, Well land. We also have number of go-downs in different parts of Male’ including a cold-storage for perishables.